Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal. Safe Indoor Air Quality

Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal. Safe Indoor Air Quality

Health difficulties, such as allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory disorders, can affect small children, elderly parents, and pets. However, everything can be influenced by home remodeling. Kodiak can help you keep your home dust-free and provide you with beautiful flooring to work with.

Removing and replacing old flooring enhances the usefulness and style of your home, resulting in better property values when it’s time to sell.

Remodeling is stressful enough, but adding health conditions like allergies makes it even more difficult. As a result, many people will either move or remain in their current residences.

To keep your home safe, learn why you need dustless tile removal contractors in Scottsdale.


Kodiak Tile and Stone & Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal

  • You’re inhaling only a tiny amount of the dust that’s making you sick.
  • After your flooring is gone, there is no big dusty mess to clean up, and you won’t be able to detect dust in your home.
  • It doesn’t take long to remove the old floorboards.
  • When we finish your relocation, you won’t have to worry about having a functional kitchen.


What Dustless Tile Removal Systems Harbor?

Let’s look at some data from a standard 1000 square foot tile space dust removal. Your home or office could be damaged by thousands of pounds of broken tiles and a large amount of poisonous dust.

Our method captures almost 99.5 percent of the harmful particles when removing the old floors. In addition, workers and citizens are protected by our dust containment and air filters.

After the floor has been removed, this procedure eliminates the need to clean the ducts. Furthermore, you will not require the services of a professional cleaning company to remove dust from every inch of your home. Kodiak, return your home as clean as it was before dustless tile removal.


Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal. Safe Indoor Air Quality

Where To Find Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal?

Using our custom-built technology, we can typically remove up to 1500 square feet in a single day. You will save both time and money because of this. Traditional methods can only remove roughly 400 square feet in a single day.

As a result, you won’t have to wait weeks for our removal service. We’re going to get in and out as fast as we can!

At Kodiak, we use the best floor removal approach to avoid making everyone sick with dust throughout the floor removal process.

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