Scottsdale Dust Free Tile Removal. Pick the Best Solution

For choosing a floor removal company, you have a lot of options. Kodiak Tile and Stone is the #1 choice for efficient, safe, and cost-effective tile removal.

We make outstanding dustless tile removal instances since our tile removal campaigns produce little to no dust. Your floors will also be spotlessly prepared for your next flooring project.

Continue reading to learn how the top dustless tile removal business in Scottsdale, AZ, can help you.


Scottsdale Tile Removal Professionals Offer Dustless Removal

Only one tiny section in your kitchen or bathroom’s tiled surface can store nearly a pound of hazardous dust. If a company does not use dust extraction procedures, the dust will disperse throughout the house and be inhaled.

For floor removal, many companies use plastic sheeting and adhesive. The amount of dust produced by a floor removal technique is not included in these calculations. To be sure the dust can't spread, our suction machines use HEPA-certified air filters to catch it.


Kodiak Skilled Floor Removal

When you use Kodiak Tile and Stone to remove your tiles, we will complete the task quickly and efficiently. We specialize in the replacement of outdated flooring. We’ve been around for decades, perfecting our trade and keeping all the most sensitive equipment dust-free.

To fulfill the strictest quality demands, our staff of highly qualified and insured specialists is trained and dedicated to customer loyalty. Our top objective is to hire the most outstanding professionals in the field.

Our crew prioritizes the customer, and your home is treated with the care and attention it deserves. Our skilled crew employs the most advanced technology to ensure that the process is more comfortable and efficient.


Scottsdale Dust Free Tile Removal. Pick the Best Solution

Where Is Dust Free Tile Removal in Scottsdale?

After removing all of your tiles, the pleasant and successful Kodiak removal technique leaves your home as clean as it can be.

This is more of a precaution than the only technique to keep dust contained, but we make sure the plastic divides zones. Our powerful vacuums remove all dust, leaving only a smattering to deal with comfortably.

You may now have the same high-quality tile removal without having to deal with dust in your house.

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