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For many homeowners, floor removal is a condition that happens around once every 10-years. However, well before It’s your time, you can hear all the stories about tile removal that filled the house with clouds of thick dust.

If you don’t control tile dust, it can easily spread and find its way through the ventilation system and end up in every room.

Besides this, you have all your computers and electronics that suck in air for cooling, and then you have your furniture and finally your kid’s noses.

Here you can see why it is vital to use San Tan Valley dust-free tile removal contractors.


How to Stop Hazardous Tile Dust in San Tan Valley, AZ

Now you have the choice of choosing dust-free tile removal contractors who offer cleaner, more effective and cheaper options for your next floor removal work.

Dust-free tile floor cleaning removes the particles in the air. It is for this that homeowners understand the health benefits that come with selecting a firm with of dust-free tile removal contractors who use specialized equipment. With years of experience in delivering safe floor removal work, they more than pay for themselves.


How San Tan Valley Dust Free Tile Removal Contractors Work

Dust-free tile cleaning requires a special, industrial-grade vacuum system with nozzles and heads connected to the tile removal equipment.

These vacuums have around eight times the normal “shop” vacuum power.

Grinders and jackhammers are equipped with hoses to suck dust and particles during the removal process. Sealed containers contain any mess.


Cleaner Floors Mean a Healthy Family

You don’t have to leave your home when workers arrive! There’s no need for extra masks or other breathing aids because there’s no dust to think about!

If you have kids, dogs, or elderly parents in your household, dust-free tile flooring removal keeps them clean and decreases tension levels as your floors are ripped up.


Selecting Dustless Tile Removal in San Tan Valley

It’s not just cleaner; it’s more effective. The improved method provides a smoother, flatter sub-floor in even less time, which means you can get on with your flooring project’s next steps faster.

Kodiak Tile and Stone is an industry leader in dust-free tile flooring removal. We also work on concrete, thinset and many other floor removals where you want to contain dust and mess.

Our state-of-the-art systems are the best, and with our experienced staff, we get the job done right the first time.

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