Removing Old Dusty Floors With Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

Removing Old Dusty Floors With Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

Taking up tiles is not a simple task. People who began removing tiles on their own have since given up and started calling Kodiak for assistance because the process is both time-consuming and produces enormous dust clouds that can be hazardous.

A common cause of house dust allergies and coughing fits in households.

They might be able to pull up the tiles if they’re lucky, but the thin set will be stuck there forever. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize how difficult this is to lay tiles until they’ve already started.

Hiring our dustless tile removal specialists in Gilbert, AZ, will ensure that your family is protected while you get the flooring you need to be removed.


Dust-Free Floor Removal is the Answer to Wood Dust

Removing engineered wood floors glued directly to concrete can be tedious and unpleasant. More so, the glue is not something that can be easily removed.

Consequently, it may be more costly to remove bonded wood than tiles. However, if the floor is do-it-yourself, it may be easy because too much adhesive cannot be used.

Ten square feet per hour is a reasonable estimate for the amount of space you’ll gain. Having engineered wood flooring professionally installed could add another day or two to the project.

Kodiak can complete most of the work in each room in a single day. Safely remove tiles from your floor without creating dust with dustless tile removal equipment. Your new flooring is ready and waiting for you now that your floors are as smooth as glass.


Capacity Of Stains And Coatings To Be Removed From A Tile Floor

Using chemical strippers to remove sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces is time-consuming and potentially hazardous.

Competent dustless tile removal teams can now complete one of the worst possible tasks.

Although both approaches are viable, the mechanical operation is preferred for floor treatment due to its efficacy and relative lack of noise and dust generation (which we can manage). Toxic and inconvenient chemical strippers should be avoided.

When we finish with the floors, they won’t be a breeding ground for dust mites, so you and your family can breathe easily. Instead, you’ll be done in by the noise of a freshly poured concrete slab ready for a new installation.

Removing Old Dusty Floors With Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

The Best Places to Locate Tile-Floor Removers in Gilbert

Dust-free floor removal is our forte, and we promise to treat your home and family with the utmost respect throughout the process. Removal of any floorboards requires the expertise of professionals.

To prevent dust from becoming a problem in your home, we will use both modern and time-tested techniques to eliminate it.

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