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Do not wait to remove tile flooring, whether you moved into a house with it or installed it yourself. Correctly maintained tile flooring can endure decades, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replace it.

Tile replacement has many benefits. Here are several reasons you may need Chandler dustless tile removal.


Broken, cracked, chipped tile

Tile flooring may hold up to a lot of abuse, but it can chip or crack. Heavy or pointy objects might cause this. Also, the installation may have cracked it.

Even slight house movement may fracture tiles, and as soon as this happens, you can find chipped or broken tiles a health danger.

Your toddler may start with the broken bits or perhaps put them in their mouth. And pets. They may think broken tile is a new house in their need to chew everything. To keep the kitchen or other rooms safe, replace the broken tile.


Dirty Worn Grout

Tile installation requires grout. While it can appear beautiful next to stone or other tiles, the grout can deteriorate over time. Grout can get dirty, stained, and spotted over time. Not easy to clean.

First, use the proper cleaning. Second, you need the right tools to get into grout spots. Too much work for many homeowners. Few clean their tile floors enough to reach the grout. That means bacteria and other contaminants are on your floor.

If the grout on your flooring is worn, it may be time to replace your tiles. Installers can redo or clean grout to make it sanitized and look great. New tiles appear excellent against clean grout.


Get A New Look

Ceramic tiling looks excellent; therefore, many select it. Working with natural stone may make flooring ageless. However, tile can also have flooring trends. If you want to sell your home, make sure the tile is up to home.

If not, you may not make buyers as much as you’d like. Old tile can deter homebuyers. This is true if it’s old or dirty. You should replace the tile before showing the house since they won’t.

Even if you’re not moving, modernize your home’s interior decor. Then, you’ll have a place you’re happy to return home every night and show off to friends. Tile might be bragging material. Old tile is embarrassing.

Contact Kodiak if you require flooring installation to learn about our procedure and how to make an appointment.


Subfloor Issues

Doing flooring work lets you inspect the subfloor. Subfloors sometimes need maintenance. With so much everyday pressure, it’s no surprise they might sink or break. Water damage can cause a lot of problems.

You won’t know about these problems if you have never installed flooring. However, when you replace your tiles, you can check the subfloors. A particular tile may sink more than others. Possibly the subfloor.

Our crew can smooth and flatten your concrete subfloor, leaving it in excellent shape for the new floor.

Chandler Tile Removal Professionals

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You may find a broken subfloor or decaying timber when you remove the tile. You can repair the subfloor and lay new tile to place the job.

Align the tile with the others. You’ll know that the subfloor is reinforced and holding up. Replacing tiles might be an excellent occasion for inspections.

Kodiak Tile and Stone have completed thousands of home floor removal operations over the years, so if you wish to know more, Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply. In addition, you can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs’ and the BBB reviews, for more information.

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