Queen Creek Tile Removal. How Old Tile Flooring Is Removed?

With Queen Creek Tile RemovalTaking out tiles is a tough job. It’s a lot of work and messy, but paying someone else to do it would be a lot more expensive. This results in weekly instances of do-it-yourself removal followed by contact with Kodiak Tile and Stone.

The family is coughing and can’t stand the dust in the house, so they’ve decided to get dustless tile removal in Queen Creek.

  • Because the floor is so challenging to remove, they give up after a week or two.
  • They successfully removed every tile, but the thin-set proved impossible to eradicate.
  • Cost savings from hiring professionals to remove only the thin-set up after the tile has been removed in Queen Creek are minimal. It is also more challenging to replace thin-set than tile, contributing to its higher cost.

Kodiak suggests taking the precautions to ensure your and your family’s health right from the get-go, including having our dust-free specialists manage the situation.

Most of the jobs we take on may be finished in a single day, and we’ll leave your house just as tidy as when we arrived.


Are Hardwood Floors Safe To Remove?

Hardwood flooring bonded directly to concrete will be extraordinarily labor-intensive and messy to remove. It can also be challenging to get the glue off; removing glued-down wood is more expensive than removing tile.

If the homeowner applies too little or too much adhesive, the floor may be easier to remove than expected.

We will uncover approximately 10 square feet per hour. But what if trained technicians installed it? The dreaded task of removing adhesive has arrived!

Kodiak is confident that our tile removal specialists will keep your home dust-free and your family healthy.

We finish most of the jobs we take on in a single day, and we’ll leave your house just as tidy as when we arrived. However, before installing your new floor, the concrete must be prepared by removing the natural wood and adhesive.


What If My Floor Has Paint or Stained Concrete?

It’s common for people who have used a chemical stripper to remove a sealer or coating off concrete to complain about how complex the process was. But unfortunately, removing old or worn sealers and coatings from concrete is one of the most unpleasant tasks even a professional may have to perform.

There are two options for removing concrete sealants:

  • Coating removal via chemical stripping
  • Coatings that have had their mechanical surface prepared by sanding, blasting, or grinding

Both methods serve a useful purpose, but the mechanical one creates extra noise and dirt that can be annoying. Therefore, the most frequent method for removing sealers, paints, or coatings from concrete is to use a chemical stripper.

Our dust-free floor grinder won’t expose you or your loved ones to harmful particles as we do the job.

Though we can finish most jobs in a day and leave your house as clean as we found it, our tools are still spotless. In addition, we’ll leave behind a smooth, clean concrete surface, ideal for installing new flooring.


With Queen Creek Tile Removal

Get Help With Queen Creek Tile Removal To Remove Old Floors

We can’t stress this enough: for your family’s health and safety, please let our dust-free professionals handle this for you. Most of the jobs we take on may be finished in a single day, and we’ll leave your house just as tidy as when we arrived.

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