Queen Creek Dust Free Tile Removal. Should I Do It Myself?

How hard can it be to remove out a few tiles from the floor? It will be difficult, take longer, and be dusty than you imagine. Even if you hire a tile company to remove it for you, the steps would be similar, yet the time span much shorter.

Any project would take you at least three days to complete. Cleaning is usually not included, so that adds another day. Kodiak Tile and Stone trained installers can complete up to 1500 square feet in one day, including cleanup.


Should I Remove My Own Tiles?

You know that to install a new floor, the old tiles must be removed. So, what is the process, and what should you expect?

First, let’s look at how tiles are fixed to the slab before removing tiles. “Thinset” glues the tiles to the slab.

This is done by mixing the thinset and spreading it on the slab or tile back. Using spacers, the tiles are then laid. The tiler will return once the thinset has bonded to the concrete to grout the tiles.

Thinset comes in several varieties:

  • A thinset mortar, like the mortar between bricks. Power tools may or may not cause it to crumble.
  • More rigid than average thinset strength.
  • Flexbond is a polymer that allows mobility in tiles. It avoids cracking or lifting.


Dangers of DIY Tile Removal

The thinset used to install tiles before the 1980s may contain asbestos. If you suspect asbestos, get it checked by professionals. Tiles aren’t worth dying for.

Depending on how well the tiles are laid, they may start lifting. It is sometimes hard to get them up, but getting the tile up is not hard compared to removing your thinset.

An angle grinder with a wire brush is used by some people/companies. Like an angle grinder with a diamond grinding wheel, these tools produce a lot of dust. This tool will make your house grey. At the absolute least, cover everything with drop sheets!

Concrete and thinset dust is awful, and like the tiles, it contains silicates, which cause lung diseases and cancer. Wear a respirator when working and cleaning.

You’ll have shattered tiles, dust, and thinset in enormous mounds. Ideally, rent a dumpster. If not, you’ll need to dump it, and it can take more effort here than removing the actual floor. Queen Creek tile removal deals with all this so you don’t have to.

Finding Help with Ceramic Tile Removal in Queen Creek

Depending on the size of the room, this could take 3-4 days and could take much longer to clean.

Consider your time and patience before embarking on this route. Removing tiles is frequently viewed as disorderly. Ripping the tile, which is glued to the floor, can be a challenging task.

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You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs,’ and the BBB reviews for more information.

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