Protect & Fix Floors Before Holidays. Chandler Tile Removal

Protect & Fix Floors Before Holidays. Chandler Tile Removal

The holiday season is a great time to catch up with loved ones and make fresh memories. This time of year, however, can be trying. It’s easy to neglect the flooring in your home when you have many other responsibilities, such as cooking, decorating, gift-wrapping, and hosting parties.

Floor protection is a must year-round, but it’s especially crucial during the holidays.

Though simple, these measures will ensure that your home remains pristine. Protect your floors during the holidays by following the steps outlined by Kodiak Tile and Stone.


Use Rugs to Stop Scuffs and Floor Scratches

Area rugs are a great way to safeguard high-traffic flooring areas, such as hallways and foyers. They also make the holidays more enjoyable. So, besides your other holiday preparations, now is a great time to lie down some area rugs.

Besides providing a clean spot to wipe your feet before entering the house, area rugs can also prevent dirt and water from entering the building. You can protect your floor from wear and add some holiday cheer by placing a rug with a seasonal motif in front of your home’s main entrance. Rugs in high-traffic areas can do more than cushion your feet from the hard floor and deter scratches from shoes.


Use Felt Pads on Furniture Legs

Felt pads are low-cost and straightforward to set up. These floor protectors are a must-have if you have kids or pets who spend most of their time inside the house during the holidays. Also, if you have metal-legged tables in your home, such as coffee tables, protect your floors by placing felt pads under each leg.

When rearranging your furniture, these felt pads will prevent damage to your floors from furniture casters. In addition, Scottsdale dustless tile removal experts can remove damaged floors.


Watch For Slippery Spaces

Tile or wood floors can be made more secure in the winter by power washing them and applying a layer of non-slip wax. Just give it a power wash to avoid minor slips on the floor during the holiday season.

A professional service is recommended if your flooring has seen better days and needs a refresher.

To avoid falls on hardwood floors, especially when it’s wet or snowy outside, a non-slip wax can be applied. Using this product, those with tile or wood floors are also protected from spills.


Check Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays should be a time of celebration, but that doesn’t mean you should go crazy with the decorations. On the contrary, holiday decorations like lights and wreaths brighten the house and add weight.

Any holiday decor you intend to display in your living room or dining room should be supported adequately. This will prevent them from falling and potentially scratching your floors.

This also means you shouldn’t cram your floor with too many presents. Open boxes are unsightly and a potential hazard to your hardwood floors when left out in high-traffic areas like entryways. Instead, put down an area rug or purchase a storage bench if you don’t have any other suitable options.


Protect & Fix Floors Before Holidays. Chandler Tile Removal

Get a New Floor Before The Holidays With Kodiak Tile and Stone

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