Problems With Stone Floors? Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

Natural stone floor tiles are among the most exquisite and gorgeous flooring—the advantages of having stone tile flooring go far beyond just how beautiful they look. Natural stone floor tiles are not only beautiful but also very simple to maintain.

They are strong and occasionally appear stain-resistant. This type of flooring is adaptable and enables you to give your house a distinctive appearance that is hard to replicate.

However, people with stone tile flooring could encounter specific difficulties despite these fantastic benefits. If you have floor tiles made of natural stone, you could encounter a few issues. Removing these will need Gilbert dustless tile removal professionals.


Drawbacks of Natural Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is an excellent addition to any home. It can boost property value and make your home look stunning. However, a few drawbacks to natural stone floor tiles need to be mentioned.

You could have already noticed some of these issues if you have stone flooring. Let’s look at some of the typical problems you could encounter:

  • Staining: Even though certain natural stone floor tiles seem to be stain-resistant, your stone flooring may become discolored if left untreated.
  • Risky: Use caution! When there is dampness, some stone flooring can be pretty slippery.
  • Natural stone floor tiles occasionally develop a yellowish discoloration. Dirt or an old covering may be to blame for this. Sometimes, natural stones will turn yellow because of oxidation or aging.
  • Your stone floor may show signs of crumbling. This could be brought on by pressure or stone settling.
  • Shine Loss: Natural stone floor tiles can experience a loss of shine. This typically shows wear.


Natural stone flooring has a reputation for being extremely sensitive to acids. As a result, your flooring may have several areas where acidic materials have left harm. Since many cleaning products contain acid, it is possible that the liquid that was used to clean the floors caused the damage.

Once your floor faces damage, you’ll need dustless tile removal experts to remove this, so it doesn’t dirty your home.


More Typical Problems Needing Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

Many natural stones are also prone to chipping, besides these problems. However, this might not be a serious issue based on how severe the fractures or chips are.

Therefore, get your flooring repaired. Recall how we said that stone flooring is distinctive? Both excellent and terrible can come from that. But, of course, having unique, beautiful floors is excellent.

But it’s also regrettable since it’s possible that you won’t be able to find any tiles that exactly match the ones you already have when you need to replace or repair damages. Stone tiles can also be very weighty. This can cause problems after installation.

Cleaning stone tiles is not tough in terms of upkeep. However, you might have noticed that your flooring must be resealed after a while. For the best in stone and tile and many other flooring types, you need Kodiak Tile and Stone for installation or dustless tile removal.


Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

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You might have encountered some issues we’ve outlined if you have natural stone floor tiles. In addition, perhaps you’ve seen some damage that can be challenging to fix.

Or perhaps you want a fresh look at your house. The first step in making changes and getting new flooring placed is to remove the current flooring.

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