Problems Not Having Mesa, AZ Dustless Tile Removal


While serious cases include anyone with extended exposure, silica dust becomes a dangerous material that everyone should avoid.

Silicosis is a debilitating, lifelong lung condition induced by silica particles which scar the lungs.

Your lungs react by forming nodules and scar tissue, which surround embedded silica particles.

Inhalation of crystalline silica can contribute to severe, often fatal, illnesses. This may include silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and more serious illnesses.

Inhaling such dust is also being connected with kidney disease. You can learn more about silica dust in our guide and why contact a Mesa, AZ dustless tile removal company to carry out your flooring removal.


Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal Company

When using power floor removal tools to remove tiles, high concentrations of fine silica dust are released into the environment. A pound of sediment could be produced from areas as little as a square foot of floor area.

The material is so delicate it goes everywhere, including walls, floors, Air conditioner vents, and inside cabinets.

Just using floor removal hand tools might slightly minimize dust particles; however, the trade-off is the tremendous amount of work involved compared to using power tools.

Besides this, using simple hand tools won’t even give you a smooth floor, yet powerful tools will accomplish this at a fraction of the time with minimal effort.


How to Control Dust for Dust Free Tile Removal? 

  • Plastic Sheets & Tape: We’ve witnessed plastic and tape for use as a barrier, and it does nothing for the room you’re in, and the dust would eventually scatter to many other spaces in your home.
  • Wet Grinding & Chipping: Only wet grinding and wet chipping are permissible in some jurisdictions. Even though this controls the dust, the water added for wet grinding and chipping for tile removal, makes a massive sloppy mess that nobody wants to contend with.
  • Dust Vacuums: Vacuums are quite successful at gathering dust; however, there are difficulties here. First, vacuums of consumer-grade were never built for those quantities of dust. Choked vacuums let dust blow from out of machine vents, which can induce the engine to burn out. The trick is to make sure that the vacuum nozzle is where you need it.



Cure Dusty Tile Removal with Mesa, AZ Dust Free Tile Removal Company 

You may wonder what the solution is to dust. Hiring a qualified dust-free tile removal business is the only real remedy.

Our dustless tile removal service uses powerful industrial dust collection vacuums that pull all the dust out of your home as it is made.

Almost all of our floor removal equipment comes fitted with vacuum ports to prevent any dust particles from being airborne.

Our results lead to a safer, happier household, and the whole task is carried out more quickly.

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