Mesa Flooring Removal. Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding

Mesa Flooring Removal. Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding

Mesa concrete floor grinding services from Kodiak Tile and Stone are unique. Most installers don’t use the grinding equipment we use, which is top-grade. Instead, our staff grinds and scarifies concrete to prepare the subfloor for flooring after removing tile and thinset.

Our method releases no dust into your home, and our experts work faster, better, and cleaner.

Here’s more on Mesa dustless tile removal and how Kodiak can leave you with a smooth floor ready for anything you wish to do.


Kodiak Dustless Tile Removal Fixes Uneven Floors

Concrete grinding can correct uneven flooring. Our staff uses the best concrete floor grinding equipment, and our process is nearly dustless.

This high-tech concrete floor grinding machine catches dust before it enters your home. Cracked concrete humps can be ground down with concrete floor grinding.

Cracked concrete heaves, forming a hump. If humps are covered by carpet, padding, or other floorings, they aren’t detected until the previous flooring is removed.

If you’re a contractor or homeowner with a bad concrete subfloor, we can help.


  • Floors that have cracked or heaved can be leveled using dustless concrete floor grinding.
  • Both thinset removal and dustless mortar removal.
  • All coatings, adhesives, epoxies, drywall mud, sealants, and curing agents can be removed creating no dust.
  • Dust-free means that there is no coarse concrete dust in your house, your lungs, or anything for you to clean.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Cuts Out Harmful Silica Dust

We’re floor grinding experts and the most particular local dustless tile removal company in Mesa. Our concrete floor grinding procedures allow us to exceed manufacturers’ flatness criteria quickly and cleanly.

We care to level concrete floors precisely as only a level; the flat floor can support new flooring. As a quality flooring installation and dustless flooring removal, we know how flat and level the subfloor must be.

With proper surface preparation, your completed floor will last. If you have us grind and level your concrete, you’ll save on flooring installation.


Mesa Flooring Removal. Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding

Get Help From Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal For A Super Smooth Floor

Concrete grinding takes skill and equipment. Wet or dry, our concrete grinders work. However, wet grinding takes preparation and generates sloppy concrete sludge; therefore, it’s unsuitable for interiors.

Using the right industrial vacuum, dry concrete grinding can be done inside a home. Plus, it’s faster and cleaner.

Kodiak Tile and Stone are the experts for preparing the subfloor and cleaning up after removing tiled floors without dust. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs,’ and also the BBB reviews for more information.

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