Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Concrete Subfloor Preparation

Mesa Dust Free Floor Removal Service

Why is surface cleaning so crucial? Simple, it guarantees the long-term value of the installation of your new flooring. The “hills and valleys” on a subfloor that isn’t entirely flat will eventually cause issues. Tiles are liable to break and shatter. Flooring made of wood or laminate may split or buckle.

Therefore, installing the new floor on a well-prepared, flat surface is imperative if you hope to stay in your home and enjoy your new floor for many years to come.

Kodiak Tile and Stone professionals will discuss the likelihood of any subflooring type failure throughout any flooring consultation.

You can see why you’ll require Mesa dustless tile removal to get the greatest subfloor possible.


Tile Removal Company in Mesa and Services Offered

Kodiak has invested significantly in modern dust control technologies and highly effective concrete grinders for effective dustless tile removal.

These accomplish the task fast and without leaving a lingering mess. Our skilled installers employ several measurement tools to ensure that your floor is flat throughout the total area, not just within ten-foot portions.

We complete the dustless tile removal work ourselves, so there are no delays in completing your project. In addition, because of the accuracy of our technique, we can flatten concrete with almost precise tolerances.

Kodiak dustless tile removal professionals go over the flattening procedure and prices in great detail at your initial flooring consultation.

If the previous flooring is still in place, we will need to wait until it has been taken out to assess the state of your subfloor, make specific recommendations, and give you an exact price.


Mesa Dust Free Floor Removal Service

Ready for a Top-Notch Dust Free Floor Removal Service?

We believe it’s critical to enlighten you about this matter and provide you with the knowledge you need to choose how to prepare the surface for use.

You must be cautious about dust besides the state of the floor. Any renovation project should avoid inhaling tile dust. If you need to remove your tile, hardwood, or even carpet flooring, it will be nearly impossible to avoid tile dust if you attempt the operation yourself.

This makes dustless floor removal essential. You can unwind knowing that Kodiak Tile and Stone will complete your job without risking inhaling tile dust.

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