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The garage is an often overlooked yet highly useful part of the home. Many people today prefer to cover or tile over bare concrete floors.

All types of flooring require a smooth finish for the best walking experience. Fortunately, Kodiak Tile and Stone’s dust-free tile removal specialists in Mesa are also well-versed in all aspects of floor installation.


Flooring Price

If the cost were the only factor, picking one might be simple. However, the problem might be complicated by longevity, durability, and upkeep.

As a result of epoxy coatings being less expensive, many homeowners opt not to use polyaspartic coatings. Do your research or consult the Kodiak Tile and Stone flooring specialists to determine if the epoxy is environmentally sensitive in your situation. Although some may prefer a more classic look, epoxy is trustworthy for many uses.

Whatever your motivation for painting the floor, you’ll need to make a coating selection. You should consider these five things before deciding whether or not to go the Kodiak route and cover your garage floor.


Environmental Considerations

The best garage floor coating could be chosen based on environmental factors. For instance, epoxy flooring installation may be hampered by extreme weather conditions.

Extreme temperatures damage many epoxy coatings. The hot temperatures of an Arizona summer may be a consideration; however, polyaspartic coatings can be applied at greater temperatures.

Epoxy flooring is susceptible to damage from ground moisture in Arizona’s humid climate. The epoxy surface will not slide around. Polyaspartic coatings may necessitate the addition of a slip-resistant aggregate due to their slippery nature.

You may acquire a one-of-a-kind and long-lasting look with the help of Kodiak Tile and Stone.


Safety and Time

One possible advantage of polyaspartics is that they heal rapidly and can be applied more swiftly and safely than alternatives. This permits coating to be applied in high-traffic garages with minimal downtime. They also produce few harmful pollutants and have a minimal odor.

Epoxy takes up to a month to cure after installation but only a few days to set up. Furthermore, despite enhanced formulae, epoxy off-gassing might be risky if the proper equipment isn’t used.

You can see why tiles have been such a popular option for flooring in recent years.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Experts

Get Help On Garage Floors With Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Experts

Once a material is selected, a few more factors must be considered. Inspect the current flooring for any cracks or remaining concrete finishes.

The floors should be repaired, and any old coatings should be stripped before applying new coatings. Grime, oil, and other stains must be removed from the area.

The second step is to discover a qualified Arizona installation expert by researching the specifics of your project’s installation procedure.

Dust-free tile removal is the first step toward a beautiful new garage floor or any other type of floor in your house, and Kodiak Tile and Stone is here to help.

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