Mesa Dust-Free Tile Removal. Why Kodiak Tile and Stone?

Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Traditional tile floor removal is messy, backbreaking, and potentially hazardous. To “minimize” the spread of dust after thinset removal, most contractors will spend hours just taping off rooms with plastic wrap.

However, the delicate nature of thinset dust means that even with meticulous care, it will find its way onto your walls and countertops.

Mesa dust-free tile removal method safeguards your home’s electronics, walls, and furnishings from damage and keeps you and your pets safe from inhaling the crystalline silica that may be found in tile dust and lead to respiratory illnesses like silicosis.

Cleaner, safer, and less harmful to the environment than conventional methods, not to mention more productive and swifter overall.

Kodiak is confident in the effectiveness of our dustless tile removal technique and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your upcoming tile removal project. No worries about letting you down here!


Kodiak Tile and Stone provide the following benefits to your home or business: Kodiak Tile and Stone has the following benefits to your home or business: No Health Risks. 

Breathing in too much dust from crushed ceramics, thinset, or silica can lead to life-threatening respiratory diseases.

As a bonus, this dust is a known allergen and skin irritant. However, because dust is contained within the manufacturing process at Kodiak Tile and Stone, there is no exposure to any health hazards.


Dust Free Tile Removal is Safer for Electronics 

When tiles are removed the old-fashioned way, the dust gets everywhere, even inside delicate electronic equipment.

When this occurs, your electronics can stop working altogether. Tile destruction should not release a cloud of dust into the air, as this would have a negative effect. As our strong chisel smashes tiles and thinset to smithereens, Kodiak Tile and Stone are the only company that can capture and keep the dust.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal is HVAC-friendly 

Excessive dust can damage much machinery, not only electronics. Too much dust can clog HVAC systems, reduce efficiency, and even cause serious physical harm.

Kodiak Tile and Stone have an extremely low dust emission rate, protecting the indoor air quality of your residence or workplace.


Fast Tile Removal With Dustless Tile Removal Professionals 

Removing tiles using Kodiak Tile and Stone is much quicker than using a hammer and chisel. In addition, the absence of irritating, impeding, and obstructive dust has allowed our specialists to move around quickly, completing more work in less time.

This will allow you to install your new tiles as soon as possible and return to your regular schedule.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal


Get Help With Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

The traditional tile removal method may appear lower, although the resulting mess usually needs a professional cleaning procedure, which can add significantly to the ultimate price.

Because it never makes a mess, to begin with, Kodiak Tile and Stone doesn’t have any hidden fees. There will be no additional costs added to the quoted amount. You may relax knowing that you won’t go over the budget.

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