Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal. Why Dustless Equipment Matters

Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal. Why Dustless Equipment Matters

Is it essential to remove a tile floor with machinery? It can get nasty if you’re removing tile from a floor or thinking about doing so, especially if you’re performing a significant makeover or working on a commercial job.

You need to remove your flooring, carpet, and tile, but dust will be a massive issue without the right tools and a team to clean the job site.

Find out why Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal is good for your house and your health in this article.


Why is it so difficult to remove traditional tiles?

Simple equipment, a lot of muscle, plastic tarps everywhere, and a broom or a shop vac are used in traditional tile removal procedures.

Traditional methods are effective, but they still leave a lot of dust and chemicals on your ceilings and walls, in your cupboards and drawers, on your drapes, furniture, and carpets, as well as in your electronics and ductwork.

Would you be interested in learning about a better and faster technique to remove tile or flooring? You would, I’m sure.


What is the best method for removing tiles without leaving a trace of dust?

At Kodiak Tile & Stone, we use dust-free tile removal equipment for this reason. Dust-free tile removal equipment comprises high-powered, high-performance vacuums that are unrivaled in the industry and consistently deliver dust-free results every time.

The components are designed for military use and are constructed to be as tough as they are effective.

Traditional techniques of removing thin-set and adhesive using blade scraping tools produce gouges, ridges, or ripples in your sub-floor; however, this is not the case when using dust-free tile removal equipment specific grinding machines.

Not only that, but our system also protects walls, cabinets, doors, and other items from flying chips and debris, making cleanup of the job site much easier and faster.


Where Can I Find Dustless Tile Removal Professionals in Mesa?

Overall, this is a positive development for any remodeling or renovation project. Learn why we’re Mesa’s best choice for dust-free flooring removal.

Contact Kodiak Tile & Stone for speedy, ultra-clean tile removal, no matter how big or small your project is. Our trained, highly skilled team members will get the job done perfectly.

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