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So, you’re about to have some old flooring room remodeled in your house, and it’s a matter of removing old tiles in particular, while not getting too much dust.

You can find plastic sheeting to seal off doors by searching for tile removal firms, but this won’t stop clouds of harmful dust from filling your house.

To reduce the need for a cleaning firm to clear all the dust from your building, it would help if you forgot to use these old-fashioned tile removal firms.

Here you can read how a dust-free tile removal professional can renovate your house in Gilbert, AZ.


Why You Need Dustless Tile removal?

Bear in mind that any tile removal company must not only provide dust-free removal but must do it correctly.

After your ground is cleaned by a tile removing business that is not using dust-free equipment, a plastic sheet will be used, draped, and fitted to your furniture and kitchen countertops.

Sadly, most homeowners are unaware of the dangers, so removing tiles without dust-free alternatives is very risky for you and your family’s health.


Plastic Sheeting for Tile Removal Leads to Breathing Issues

When you remove tiles, the old tiles and the old grout break up into tiny pieces; when the professional tile removal crews start scraping them, the tiles break into a very fine silica fume, known as a carcinogenic material.

It not only irritates the eyes and respiratory system; it can also trigger asthma attacks and can cause long-term harm if inhaled. Children, pets, and the elderly are sensitive to this dust. Until adequately cleaned, these dust particles remain in your house for months.

The final problem with this plastic sheet technique is not working correctly. With dust in your home, to fix the problem, you must pay extra for deep cleaning.



Where to Find Dust Free Tile Removal in Gilbert, AZ

To stop the need to get rid of all the dust in a home cleaning business. Any tile removal business that uses plastic sheeting needs to be forgotten.

The solution is very straightforward, and you need to find a dustless tile removal company that uses machinery instead of plastics to do this. To save looking and to save the health of your family, you can contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal professionals.

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