Is It Ok To Tile Over Tile? Scottsdale Tile Removal Company


Is it ok to tile over tile? If your tiles are in relatively good condition and have been placed correctly, have no cracks, and not appearing to retain any moisture, then you can probably leave them underneath your new tile floor.

However, if you’re unsure or you don’t want to risk it, then you need to call your experienced tile removal company in Scottsdale to carry out dustless tile removal to get you started.


Scottsdale, AZ Tile Removal Company Assesses Floor

Before you tile over tile, inspect the base layer thoroughly for any surface abnormalities that could lead to foundational issues down the road.

Mildew and deep discoloration in the grout are common signs of an absorption problem, so trapped water has ruined the grout and may ruin the new tile below.

When the tiles are covered up, and absorption issue will fester and worsen. The new covering tiles will not lie flat or line up if the original tiles were not correctly laid. If you find either of these problems, it’s best to start over and use a dustless tile removal service.


Tiling On An Uneven Surface

Here you can see how vital it is to have an excellent surface to work on. Before you tile over an uneven surface, use a sander to smooth off any globs of dried grout and secure loose tiles with new tile glue. Then, as needed, lay out your tiles, cutting them to fit around walls and fixtures.

Move all the tile pieces out of the way once they’ve been cut to size so you can scrape the base layer with a degreasing soap so the new thinset or mortar will stick. Allow the surface to dry completely before using painter’s tape to tape off the perimeter of the project area and laying out plastic sheets to protect the surrounding surfaces.



Get Professional Tile Removal Company in Scottsdale

Some people may try to tile over any floor, yet it is far from easy, even if you decide to remove your old tile floor first.

Trying to tile over damaged tiles or remove them yourself is nearly impossible, so it’s far better to hire a dust-free tile removal company in Scottsdale. You won’t have to worry about high prices or dust because the expert personnel will remove your old tile flooring.


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