Is Cutting Tiles Dangerous? Dust-Free Tile Removal Gilbert, AZ

When a worker cuts or grinds concrete, brick, or stone, the cloud of dust you see isn’t simply ordinary dust as it is mainly made up of crystalline silica, which can kill.

Quartz is the most common type of crystalline silica, making up most of the ordinary sand.

Cutting and grinding produce fine particles that can travel deep into the lungs.

It is preferable to look for a local business that performs dust-free tile removal. Once you begin, you may not realize how much dust there is and how deadly it might be.

Learn why you need a Gilbert, AZ, dust-free tile removal contractor to help maintain your health.


Why Use Gilbert Dust-Free Tile Removal?

Remember, each tile removal company not only offers dust-free tile removal, but they must do it in the right way.

Inhaling dust causes silica particles to scar your lungs, resulting in silicosis, a debilitating, irreversible, and incurable lung disease. The good news is that silicosis can be avoided entirely. It is possible to operate with silica-containing materials without being exposed to dust.

Once you have a tile removal company removing your floor that doesn’t use dust-free machines, they will use a plastic sheet, drape it and attach it to your furniture and kitchen countertops.

Sadly, most homeowners are oblivious to the risks, so removing tiles in the absence of dust-free alternatives is extremely dangerous for you and your family’s health.  


Unhealthy Gilbert Dust-Free tile removal with Plastic Sheeting

When you do dust-free tile removal, your old tiles and grout are broken up into small bits; as the trained dust-free tile removal personnel remove these, the tiles break down into an exceptionally fine silica fume which is a recognized carcinogen.

This dust is harmful to children, pets, and the elderly. It not only irritates your eyes and respiratory system, but it can also trigger asthma attacks and inflict long-term harm if inhaled. These dust particles will remain in your home for months if not properly treated.

The ultimate problem with using plastic sheets is that they do not work correctly. If you have dust in your home, you’ll need to pay extra for a deep cleaning to get rid of it.


How to Find Dust-Free Tile Removal in Gilbert, AZ

To get around not needing a home cleaning company to get rid of all the dust. You need to forget any dust-free tile removal company that uses plastic sheeting. The solution is simple: find a dust-free tile removal firm that uses machinery rather than plastic to do the job.

To save looking and to save the health of your family, you can contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal professionals.

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