Importance of Dustless Tile Removal in Queen Creek


The method of handling major projects, like removing flooring, can be too much for most homeowners to do independently. Specifically, when it comes to tiled floors. Despite the tile floor elegance, removing and repairing tile is a big task.

Instead of removing staples and pulling up a surface like a carpet, tiles are often attached to the floor, providing a permanent covering that could take the dedicated equipment such as jackhammers to eradicate it.

Fortunately, a better way is there. Kodiak Tile and Stone help find the flooring solutions for you instead of chipping away at your floors alone. We will help you get rid of tiles with a unique dustless tile removal technique.

Here you can find out more about the entire tile removal process.


Why You Need Professional Queen Creek Tile Removal?

Even when an adhesive is holding it in place, tile does not have to stand in your way. Yet, it can be easier said than done to get rid of it. The removal of tiles may in many cases be dirty, requiring the use of power tools which produce a sea of dust and cause quite a mess.

A dustless tile removal company can ease the pressure. Rather than taking the easy way out, we use high tech solutions, which allow dustless tile removal.

We make full use of jackhammers and grinders that come with attachments connecting to our industrial vacuum system, thus removing most of the dust at the source.

Doing this means you can have a home that is clean and dust-free. A standard vacuum pales compared to industrial models, pushing 490 to 735 cubic feet per minute of airflow. Our professionals can make light work of even the largest projects.


Benefits of Dustless Tile Removal in Queen Creek, AZ

Dustless floor removal goes past convenience, Providing numerous benefits for your time and budget.

Mostly with support from a dustless removal company, you can save hundreds on maintenance costs from not having all the dust work its way into your HVAC system.

Furthermore, catching dust before reaching your carpet and furniture can minimize the need for deep cleaning.

This also refers to surface cleaning; dust will collect on tables, windows, and more, resulting in hours spent cleaning surfaces. Dustless removal also prevents any need for skilled cleaning services and putting money back in your pocket.



New Floor Installations in Queen Creek After Dust Free Removal

Elimination of tiles is only the initial step, however. After effective dustless disposal, you’ll need to determine how you will move forward.

In addition to helping as a tile removal company, Kodiak can advise and help with your new floor installation.

You may possess a particular color or style in mind or need to examine your available options; we have the right professional to help find your perfect fit.

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