How to Remove Tile from Concrete? Mesa Dustless Tile Removal



How to remove tile from concrete? Tile is an excellent flooring choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture is concerned.

Although other materials may mimic its appearance and style, a well-done tile job is unmistakable. Unfortunately, repairing or removing tiles stuck to concrete is difficult because they are rigid and create a lot of dust.

Silica dust does not seem to be toxic, but it is a crippling, life-threatening lung disease that occurs when floor tiles are broken.

In our guide, you’ll learn more about silica dust and why you need it. Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Contractors to remove your flooring.


Dustless Tile Removal Contractors Mesa

When using power floor removal tools to remove tiles, high amounts of fine silica dust are released into the air. A pound of sediment could be extracted from as little as a square foot of floor area using dustless tile removal contractors.

It can be found on walls, floors, air conditioner vents, and inside cabinets because the material is so fragile.

Compared to power tools, using floor removal hand tools can reduce dust particles. However, there is a high cost in terms of time and effort.

Simple hand tools will not result in a smooth floor, while powerful tools will do so in a fraction of the time and much less effort.



Control Silica Dust with Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Contractors

Plastic Sheeting & Tape: Kodiak has seen companies use plastic sheeting and tape as the only barrier. It may keep dust in one room, yet it can be hell if you are working there. Besides, once you are done, this dust will spread around your house.

Dust Vacuums: Vacuums are good at gathering dust, but they have their drawbacks. To begin with, vacuum cleaners intended for home use were never designed to handle such large quantities of dust. Clogged vacuums can cause dust to blow out of machine vents, causing the engine to flame out. The key is to ensure that the vacuum nozzle is pointing in the correct direction.


Mesa Speedy Dustless Tile & Floor Removal

You may think about how to get rid of dust. Only a certified dust-free tile removal company will have a proper solution.

Our dustless tile removal service makes use of powerful industrial dust collection vacuums to remove all dust from your home while it’s being built.

To prevent dust particles from floating around, almost all our floor-removal equipment has vacuum ports.

Our results lead to a cleaner, healthier household and more successful task completion. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply. You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs,’ and the BBB reviews for more information.

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