How to Remove Tile Flooring | DIY Isn’t the Answer Chandler

There is no easy way to remove tile. There is no underlayment or subfloor to be pried up and thrown away, unlike tile on cement board or wood. Knocking out the tiles and adhesive is needed to remove tile from concrete. It takes time and effort to remove the tile. Even a small bathroom would take at least half a day to complete.

DIY tile removal isn’t the answer, and it is best to let the professionals struggle. Here you can learn more about removing tile flooring and why it is best left to tile flooring removal experts in Chandler.


DIY Tile Flooring Removal is Hard Work

Stripping tiles on your own can be a messy process. You will have a fair chance of cutting yourself. Because of this, wear a breathing mask, eye protection, and work gloves. You might even suggest wearing shirts or clothing that you aren’t afraid of harming.


Grout should be removed

To split apart tiles, you’ll need a rotary cutter or a grout saw to cut through the grout. Grout holds tiles in place and connects them.

Slice the grout as deep as you can while keeping in mind the wall or floor structure behind or underneath you. Any tile has the potential to chip, crack, or break. Someone with a portable vacuum cleaner should be nearby to clean up the particles. Tile flooring removal experts do this in one motion

Your Old Tiles Should Be Broken

Striking the tile with sufficient equipment to break it. Cold chiseling is common among DIYers. Place it in the middle of the table and hit it.

To make the removal process a little easier, do this at the tiles’ diagonal ends. Tile flooring removal pros know the best areas to start.

Thinset should be removed

If you want to restore tiles or use something else, you’ll need to get rid of the old thinset. This offers a clean working surface. For scraping mortar, a bricklayer’s chisel is ideal.

By the time you get to this point, your house will be covered in dust, and you’ll wish you hadn’t started in the first place. There is a much better alternative: to hire tile flooring removal contractors who offer dust-free tile removal services in Chandler.



Find the Real Chandler Tile Flooring Removal Professionals

When you know how difficult it can be to remove tiles on your own, you’ll soon realize it’s much easier to hire a specialist.

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