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Sometimes we must remove a ceramic wall or floor tiles, even though they have made our area more habitable.

Floor tile removal is laborious and time-consuming, and the challenges are frequently discussed before the job starts.

Depending on the structure, the tile can be attached to bare cement, plywood or mason board underlayment, or even a previously constructed base.

Whatever is beneath, removing a tile floor involves time, focus, and thought. You can learn more about the need for ceramic tile removal with Kodiak Tile & Stone here.


Mesa Ceramic Tile Removal Advice

You’ll quickly understand why you require the help of a Mesa dust-free tile removal company if you adhere to these recommendations.

Understanding the first step in removing tiles from your house helps.

  • Are tiles being replaced?
  • Will the range need to be updated?
  • Will you experiment with a new flooring, such as epoxy?

Moving forward is simpler when you know what you’re going to do after eliminating something.


Process for Removing Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile removal can be a messy operation if by yourself. There is a decent probability that you will cut yourself.

Wear a breathing mask, safety glasses, and work gloves. You can even advise putting on shirts or other items of apparel that you aren’t scared to damage.


Remove Grout

You’ll need a rotary cutter or a grout saw to cut through the grout to separate the tiles. The grout between the tiles secures them in place.

While keeping in mind the wall or floor structure behind or beneath you, slice the grout as profoundly as you can. Any tile has a chance of breaking, cracking, or chipping. Someone should be around with a portable vacuum cleaner to remove the debris.


Smash The Dated Ceramic Tile

Using strong enough equipment to break the tile. The DIY community frequently uses cold chisels. Place it in the center of the table and strike at it.

Do this at the diagonal ends of the tiles to make the removal process a little simpler.


Take Away the Thinset

Get rid of the old thinset if you wish to reuse anything else or restore the tiles. This provides a spotless working surface. An appropriate bricklayer’s chisel for scraping mortar is.

You’ll wish you hadn’t started because your place will be covered in dust by the time you reach this point. Hiring Mesa dust-free tile removal services is a lot better choice.


Mesa Ceramic Tile Removal Experts

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You’ll quickly understand that it’s much simpler to hire a professional once you learn how challenging it can be to remove tiles independently.

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