How to Decide You Need Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal


Here you can learn why it is better to use Kodiak for your tile removal than do it yourself. You may not think it’s the best option, yet it is.


  • Pulsing Hammer Drill & Tile Chisel Bit
  • HEPA Vacuum for vacuuming dust & debris
  • Angle grinder – to remove thinset
  • Diamond cup wheel for use with grinder
  • Dust shroud and vacuum adapter for dust 
  • Plastic sheeting for covering everything and doorways
  • Safety gear such as face masks gloves, knee pads, safety glasses or goggles


Preparing the Room for Mesa DIY Tile Removal

Here's what you need to do for preparation. A professional dust free tile removal company can do all this quickly.

  1. Empty the room of furniture
  2. Seal HVAC vents with plastic sheet and seal
  3. Remove baseboard trim (optional)
  4. Get into your safety gear


Pick Your Tile Removal Starting Point

Check if you have an area that has a broken tile or you can see the underside of your tile.

If there isn’t one, make one in a corner or where your tiles meet another floor. Use your hammer and chisel to break a couple of tiles. This should allow you to get your chisel bit in the opening.

Use the hammer and chisel to continue removing your tiles, make sure to deposit waste into buckets to carry it out once you're finished.


After the Tile Removal is Finished

Caution: Broken tiles are very sharp, and the dust is toxic and can cause severe irritation and issues if breathed in.

When your floor is finally clear, inspect the under floor for damages you may have caused removing the thinset.

Use your vacuum to get rid of remaining dust, and this can take a few days as it keeps settling.

Disposing of the dust and broken tiles needs to be done correctly. Professional dust free tile removal can do all this to save the aggravation.



Deciding to Use Professional Dust Free Tile Removal

Now that you know how to remove tile from floor, you’ll be happy to know it could take you around four or five days using this method depending on the size of area.

You will find the cost of floor removal experts is worth the cost when it's dust free. You can have the job completed in one day and there will be very minimal dust, and the waste is disposed of.

To be sure your home isn’t under any threat, it is best to contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

You can check out customer reviews here ‘SoTellUs’ and also the BBB reviews for more information.

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