How To Remove Tiles From Your Gold Canyon Home, Dust Free


Tiles make perfect additions to every house, but designs also shift. The tiles can date your home as the trend shifts.

It is just a question of time until the homeowner wants a move, or new buyers feel it necessary to upgrade their space by searching for dust-free tile removal in the Gold Canyon.

Tiles can break. That can pose dangers when they’re not managed quickly.


Tile Removal Tips for Homeowners in Gold Canyon

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon see why you need the help of the Gold Canyon dust-free tile removal firm.

When removing tiles from your house, the first thing you need to know is why.


  • Are you already going to replace the tiles?
  • Will you need to update the range?
  • Or are trying something different, such as custom epoxy floors?


When you know what you’re going to do following elimination, it’s a bit easier to go forward.


Dress for the Dusty Tile Removal Occasion

It can be a dusty operation to strip tiles on your own. You stand a good chance of cutting yourself, as well.

Use a breathing mask, eye protection, and work gloves because of all this. You can also consider wearing shirts or clothing, which you wouldn’t fear potentially damaging.


Rip Out the Grout

To cut through the grout, you need a rotary cutter or grout saw to break apart tiles. Grout fixes tiles in position and attaches each tile to another.

Slice the grout as deep as you can, but remember the wall or floor structure behind or underneath. Any tiles can chip, crack, or split. You might want someone nearby with a handheld vacuum and get rid of the dust.

Break Your Old Tiles

Using appropriate equipment to strike the tile to smash it. Many DIYers use cold chiseling. Place this in the middle and strike it.

It would help if you also did this at the tiles’ diagonal ends to make the elimination process a bit simpler.

Remove the Thinset

If you plan to restore tiles or use something else, removing the old thinset is necessary. This provides a clean surface to work on. A bricklayer’s chisel is a fine weapon for scraping mortar.

By the time you reach this stage, your home will be full of dust, and you will have wished you never started. There is a far better option, and that is to call Gold Canyon dust-free tile removal services.


Find the Real Gold Canyon Tile Removal Professionals

Once you realize how bad it can be to remove tiles on your own, you will quickly find it far better to seek the help of the professionals.

To make it much easier and cleaner, Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

You can check out customer reviews here ‘SoTellUs’ and also the BBB reviews for more information.


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