How To Remove Thinset & Tile Floors Scottsdale Tile Removal

Scottsdale Dust-Free Floor Removal

Some types of flooring, like hardwood, carpet, tile, and sheet vinyl, need to be stuck to the subfloor with an adhesive called thinset. Thinset is challenging to remove because it forms a powerful bond. To remove the thinset, you will need to use a floor-scraping tool.

A power scraper that you walk behind is recommended for larger areas. For smaller sizes, a scraper with a sharp blade that you hold in your hand will work.

When it comes to toilets, the work starts when the bathroom is taken out. Remove the baseboard, the doors from their hinges, and any molding around the doorways in each room.

To do this without making a lot of dust, you need tile removal experts in Scottsdale who don’t make dust.


How To Get Rid Of Tile That Is Glued Down?

Plywood with adhesive on it is the base for some flooring. If that’s the case, you’ll have to remove the tiles and eliminate the obstructions.

  • Use a cordless screw gun to take out the plywood’s screws.
  • Use a claw hammer and diagonal pliers to pull out any nails.
  • If nails or glue keep the pry bar in place, you can cut them with a one-inch chisel placed beneath the edge.
  • Take the bar out and move it down the hinge a couple of inches.
  • If you need a place to walk, pry a piece of plywood free enough to fit over the gap between the joists and then step on it.
  • If you can, grab it with both hands, rock it up and down, and pull it out intact. To pry and pull up successive portions of the floor, you can use the plywood as a platform and slide it as you go.
  • If any nails are embedded in the floor or joists, you should use a claw hammer to extract them. If the nails break, you can pick them up with a pair of diagonal pliers.

Dust can be dangerous, and the task is complex. Kodiak Tile and Stone’s dust-free floor removal services are a convenient and healthful alternative.


Where To Find Scottsdale Dust-Free Floor Removal?

You can see that getting rid of floor tiles is nearly as difficult as getting rid of them yourself. On the other hand, dust-free tile removal services may remove any flooring.

The dust can’t be eliminated if each floor is removed individually. Because of this, the sale of your home may slow down or stall. Kodiak Tile and Stone removal crews have removed thousands of tiles and square feet of flooring and subflooring from homes throughout the years.

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