How To Remove Stubborn Tile? Chandler Tile Removal

How To Remove Stubborn Tile? Chandler Tile Removal

How do you remove tile that is difficult to remove? Most homeowners would need professional help to remove tile flooring off their floors. Tile floors are stunning but removing and replacing them is a significant project.

Most times, tiles are mounted to the floor instead of carpeting, making for a permanent covering that may require using specialist equipment like jackhammers to remove.

Thankfully, you can choose another route. Kodiak Tile and Stone has specialists who can assist you find the best flooring solutions, so you don’t have to chip away at them.

We have developed a unique dustless tile removal technology that we can use to aid you in removing tiles. The entire process of removing tiles and other details may be found here.


Tile Removal in Chandler: Strategies Employed by the Pros

Tile can be a non-way despite being glued into place. However, getting rid of it isn’t always as simple as saying it is. Removing tiles can be difficult because doing so typically requires power equipment, creating a dust cloud and an enormous mess.

It could be easier to unwind if you hired a firm to remove your tiles without creating a lot of dust. However, we don’t take the easy way out; we use innovative techniques to get rid of tiles without creating a cloud of dust.

By using jackhammers and grinders fitted with attachments that hook up to our industrial vacuum system, we can collect most of the dust at its source point.

This is the best way to keep a clean and dust-free home. Industrial vacuums may move 490 to 735 cubic feet of air every minute, making a standard vacuum seem positively puny. Our experts can handle any task, no matter how difficult.


The Benefits of Dust-Free Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ

The time and effort you save cleaning your floor without dust are worth the investment. In addition, you can save money on HVAC maintenance costs if you hire a dustless removal firm to help you work the dust out of your system.

You can keep from having to thoroughly clean your carpets and furnishings if you take preventative measures against dust.

Dust collects on tables, windows, and other surfaces, making cleaning them tedious and taking a long time. Money can be saved, and professional cleaning services can be avoided with dustless removal.


How To Remove Stubborn Tile? Chandler Tile Removal

Chandler Dust-Free Tile Removal: Where to Find It

However, dismantling tile surfaces is only step one. After successful dust-free disposal, you’ll need to decide what to do next. Kodiak not only removes tiles but also provides guidance and help in laying down a new floor.

To help you find the best possible fit, we have the right expert on hand, regardless of whether you have a specific color, design in mind, or need control over your selections.

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