How Is Dustless Tile Removal Done? Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal


Crystalline silica is a naturally occurring material that is used in many different industries and construction projects. It is also a frequent ingredient in foods and pharmaceuticals. While silica has numerous valuable uses, excessive exposure to crystalline silica dust can be hazardous to workers. Hazardous silica dust exposure is responsible for hundreds of fatalities and thousands of diseases each year.

Unfortunately, tiles are made using such materials, and removing tiles without the proper equipment and safety can fill your lungs and cause harm.

You can learn more about silica dust and why you should contact a Mesa, AZ, dust-free tile removal company to remove your flooring.


Dust-Free Tile Removal Company in Mesa

Silica in the dust from the power-floor-removal tool is an irritant to the respiratory tract. A pound of fine particle matter can be produced from as little as a square foot of floor area.

Because the material is so delicate, it ends up on walls, floors, air conditioning vents, and inside cabinets.

Only hand tools are slightly useful for particle extraction. In comparison to power tools, however, hand tools take much longer to use.

Aside from that, a simple hand tool will hardly get you a smooth floor, whereas a robust tool would accomplish it faster and easier.


Ho Do I Control Dust in Tile Removal? 

Plastic sheets and tape can act as a barrier, but they will not work in the space you’re in, and they won’t keep the dust out of your home. Some jurisdictions allow for wet grinding and wet chipping. Although water is utilized to provide wet grinding and chipping for tile removal, it creates a significant mess.

Dust Vacuum vacuums are handy for gathering dust; however, there are certain drawbacks. Next, vacuum cleaners are not designed to collect a lot of dust. Second, dust might stream out of the machine vents if the vacuum is clogged, causing the engine to overheat. The most important thing is to place the vacuum nozzle where it is needed.


Tile Removal with Mesa, AZ Dust Free Tile Removal Company 

You are undoubtedly curious about how to deal with dust. The only correct solution is to hire a trained dust-free tile cleaning business. Our tile removal service makes use of powerful vacuums to collect all the dust from your home.

All our cleaning equipment has dust-free vacuum ports to keep dust particles out of the air.

Our results result in a cleaner, healthier home, and the job is completed faster.

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