How Do You Remove a Glued Floor? Gold Canyon Floor Removal


How do you remove a glued floor? A “glued-down” floor has adhered to a concrete or plywood sub-floor. An adhesive is used to install vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl, and certain forms of hardwood and carpet. Using a floor-scraping tool, remove the flooring.

A walk-behind power scraper is best for large rooms; in smaller spaces, a hand-held scraper with a sharp blade will suffice. In toilets, the job begins with the bathroom being removed. Remove the baseboard, remove the doors from their hinges, and remove any edging from the doorways in all rooms.


Removing Glued Down Flooring

Some tiled floors are placed over the top of glued down plywood. If these are the problem, you need to remove these as well as the tiles.

Remove all screws in the plywood using a cordless screw gun. Use a claw hammer and diagonal pliers to remove random nails that are high enough to remove.

Drive a 1-inch chisel under the edge of a pry bar to cut off any nails or glue holding it down. Pull the bar out and reinsert it a few inches farther down the joint and pry again to loosen a section long enough to get two hands under it. Place the loose piece of plywood over the space between the joists to walk on if needed.

If possible, grab it with both hands, rock it up and down and pull it loose in one complete sheet. The plywood can be used as a platform to pry and remove successive pieces, moving it along as you work until you’ve removed all the plywood from the floor. Pull all remaining nails out of the floor or floor joists using a claw hammer. If the nails break off, use diagonal pliers to remove them.


Help with Floor Removal in Gold Canyon

You can see this is nearly as hard as removing floor tiles yourself. Dust-free tile removal companies can remove all kinds of flooring using the same dust-free floor removal techniques.

If you try to remove floors on your own, it is nearly impossible to remove and contain the dust. Doing this can also delay or stop the sale of your home.

Over the years, Kodiak Tile and Stone have carried out thousands of residential floor tile removal projects and many other flooring materials and subfloors.

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