How Do You Remove Bad Tile? Gilbert Dust Free Tile Removal

If the tiles are secured, you may not remove them without breaking them, and dust will kick up into the air, causing problems.

You can use a rotary cutter, rotating tool, or scraper, but nothing compares to the tile removal equipment used by professionals.

Tile floor removal is a messy, time-consuming, and often risky process. Without proper care, training, and resources, you risk damaging your floor, surrounding walls, or, worse, your health.

Kodiak ensures the first tile flooring removal project is done correctly. Find out more about hiring Gilbert’s best dust free tile removal business here.


Stop the Mess with Gilbert Tile Removal Experts

Many factors play a role in the tremendous mess that tile flooring can cause. When traditional tile removal procedures are used, waste settles everywhere, and air enters the system.

It affects the room where the removal project is taking place and takes the building’s ventilation system. Once airborne, dust particles recirculate on every surface, they can find, thanks to the house’s HVAC system.

The carpet, chairs, linens, clothing, and pets all become engulfed in these bothersome dust particles. It is not enough to clean and vacuum when the project is completed. Dust settles deeply into the fibers of all garments, making removal time-consuming and difficult.

It is more expensive to hire a professional cleaning firm to clear up the mess than to do it yourself if it takes time and is stressful.


Dustless Tile Removal Helps Avoid Hazards

Traditional tile removal generates a lot of dust and debris, which contains crystalline silica, a harmful tile, and grout material.

Because of their ability to flow through the air and into the respiratory system, dust particles are incredibly harmful. Crystalline silica can cause tears in the esophagus and lungs.

This life-threatening disease can be avoided by taking the necessary steps. Wearing a face mask isn’t enough to wear it out of your lungs. This dust is already present in the dust particles circulating in your home, and it will be a threat once the project is over.


Find Dustless Tile Removal in Gilbert

Using a professional dustless tile removal business is the only way to escape the mayhem of traditional tile removal. The highly modern instruments equipped with high strength vacuum tubing make all the difference in dustless tile removal.

These tubes are separately fitted to the devices to prevent flying tile dust. To prevent dirt from escape, the pipes are passed through sealed windows and kept in containers. Kodiak Tile & Stone stainless tile removal employs the most efficient methods for removing tiles from home.

With professional treatment, experience, and equipment, the job is always done perfectly the first time, protecting your home from the mess and those you love from harmful crystalline silica.

The benefits of dust-free tile or flooring removal are numerous, one of which is avoiding tile dust inhalation.

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