How Can Ancient Tile Flooring Be Removed? Mesa Tile Removal

Mesa Tile Removal

Tile removal is a challenging project. Although it is expensive to hire someone else to do it, it is also incredibly labor-intensive and messy. As a result, nearly every week, folks started the removal themselves and called Kodiak Tile and Stone instead.


The leading causes for them needing Mesa dustless tile removal are:

  • The family is coughing and can no longer tolerate the dust in their home as the primary cause.
  • They quit after one to two weeks because the floor is too difficult to remove.
  • They were able to remove all the tiles, but not the thin-set.


You don’t save much money when you hire Mesa tile removal experts to remove merely the thin-set up after the tile is gone. Moreover, the thin-set is more expensive since it is typically more challenging to reinstall than tile.

Kodiak advises starting safe and healthy for you and your family and having our dustless experts handle this. Most tasks we take on may be completed in a single day, and we’ll leave your home just as clean.


Can I Remove Glued Down Hardwood?

It will be exceedingly labor-intensive and untidy to tear up hardwood floors that have been glued directly to concrete. In addition, sometimes, it seems complicated to remove the glue. For this reason, it costs more money to remove glued-down wood than tile.

Due to incomplete or improper adhesive application, a floor that the homeowner installed might be simpler to remove. You can anticipate pulling up roughly 10 square feet per hour. But what if professionals set it up? The horror of removing glue is here!

Kodiak believes in our dustless tile removal experts to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Most tasks we take on may be completed in a single day, and we’ll leave your home just as clean. But, first, the real wood and glue must be removed, leaving a smooth, clean concrete surface ready to install your new floor.


Can Dustless Tile Removal Experts Remove Paint, and Concrete Stains?

Anyone who has ever used a chemical stripper to remove a sealer or coating from a concrete surface will often say that the operation was a complete pain. Unfortunately, one of the most uncomfortable tasks even a professional may have is removing old or worn sealers and coatings from concrete.


Concrete sealants can be removed using one of two techniques:

  • Using a chemical stripper to remove the coating
  • The mechanical surface of the coating through sanding, blasting or grinding

Both approaches are practical, but the mechanical one generates noise and dust, which can be a hassle. Therefore using a chemical stripper is the most common way to remove sealers, paints, or coatings from concrete.

We can grind the floor without creating any dust with our dustless equipment, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Although we can do the majority of tasks in a single day and leave your home spotless, our machines are still clean. So, for example, your new flooring can be installed on a smooth, clean concrete surface we leave behind.


Mesa Tile Removal

Get Help With Mesa Tile Removal To Remove Old Floors

Again, we urge you to let our dustless experts handle this, so you to take your family’s safety and care. Most tasks we take on may be completed in a single day, and we’ll leave your home just as clean.

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