Gold Canyon Floor Removal. What Are The Parts Of Floors?

Where To Find Experts in Dust Free Floor Removal?

There’s more to your floors than meets the eye. To ensure a smooth installation of your new floors, you must adequately remove your old flooring layers.

Each layer of your flooring is vital to its stability and performance. Incorrectly built or deleted layers affect the floor’s structure and appearance. This can cause additional costs.

You may only consider the top layer when you look at your floors. But, like the earth you stand on, there are layers below the top layer that assure stability and operation. Here you can find all the essential layers of your floor, so you’ll see why you need Gold Canyon flooring removal experts to help.


Joists and Subfloor

The joists are at the very bottom of the floor layers. Consider them the skeleton of your flooring. They are used to framing the foundation layer of your structure. If not built correctly, joists will make noise, squeak, and move as you walk on them.

The subfloor follows the joists. This is the sturdy foundation for your floor covering. The subfloor is usually made of concrete. To keep your floor functioning properly, the subfloor needs to expand and contract. It is this that Gold canyon flooring removal experts.


Underlayment and Covering

The underlayment covers the subfloor. The underlayment is put in to reduce noise from footsteps on the floor. It reduces noise, but it also provides a smooth surface for the floor covering. In addition, underlayment is essential for “floating” flooring like laminate or engineered wood. Not linked to the subfloor, these flooring “float” on top.

Padding is used in carpet installation and can make or break your carpeted spaces. In addition, water can get under tile flooring through the grout cracks; therefore, you’ll need a moisture-resistant underlayment.

The last layer of your flooring is the floor covering. Again, material and design options abound. There is a wide range of materials available. This is where Gold Canyon flooring experts will carry out dustless floor removal.


Adhesive and Thinset Removal with Gold Canyon Flooring Removal Experts

Fabric floor coverings are frequently fastened to subfloor or underlayment. Tiles adhere to the subfloor with a thinset. When replacing tile, the thinset will need to be expertly removed.

Every step must be done carefully and thoroughly when removing old flooring to make space for new flooring. The joists and subfloor will remain, but the layers above them must be removed to install your new flooring properly.

This is more than just removing the carpet. The floor covering and underlayment must be removed and any adhesive. If the thinset or glue isn’t thoroughly removed, your new flooring will sit on an uneven surface. Hire trained professional floor removal experts to manage your floor removal project and save yourself trouble and money.


Where To Find Experts in Dust Free Floor Removal?

Where To Find Experts in Dust Free Floor Removal?

When it’s time to replace your floors, let Kodiak Tile and Stone handle the hassle. We do more than remove the carpet and wooden floors, so, your new floor installation runs well, we go deeper and remove layers down to the subfloor.

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