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Can the waterproofing be damaged by removing the tile? When removing tiles from a wall or floor, this is frequent. If you conduct this work yourself, the quality of the tanking or waterproofing will be significantly reduced.

Besides this damage, homeowners are concerned about noise and dust during the tile removal process. Dust is less of an issue these days, but noise is something you can’t live without.

However, thanks to today's innovative technology, it’s possible to remove your old tiles in Gilbert, AZ, without creating a mess and without damaging your waterproofing layer.

Modern equipment has made the removal of tiles from concrete slabs much more accessible than using hammers and chisels, which can be dangerous. However, even with the help of modern tools, removing tiles from a room can be a challenging task.

Dirt and grout will build up in your tile-free areas for various reasons. Grout had to be removed in the past, but now pneumatic equipment, grinders, and jackhammers can break it.

Here you can learn why to use Gilbert dust-free tile removal professionals to remove your tile flooring.


Using a Tile Removal Company to Preserve Health?

Tile removal carries several concerns if you are not a professional. Wearing long, thick clothing from the neck to the ankle is the most straightforward approach to avoid it. Next, protect your eyes, ears, and skin with safety gear, including goggles, earplugs, an air mask, and thick-soled boots.

The generated dust is the most dangerous part of the tile removal process. If inhaled, this crystalline silica dust can cause tiny tears in the esophagus because of its irritant properties.

Tile removal is our primary emphasis, and we hope to shatter the notion of traditional tile removal using this method. The waterproofing sub-layer you have can be quickly damaged if you go overboard with your DIY projects.


Dust Free Tile Removal Company


Where is My Dust Free Tile Removal Company?

There are no stains or grout to remove, making it simple to remove tiles from other house areas. In addition, it does not have any washroom facilities. As a result, it is much easier to remove. Ask about their equipment before selecting a dust-free tile removal service in Gilbert, Arizona.

Your organization should have the proper safety equipment for its employees. There’s a need for work. We use cleaning equipment with dust-free vacuum openings to keep dust at bay.

Ensure that your organization has all the safety measures for your employees. A license is required for this work. Dust-free vacuum apertures are standard on all our cleaning equipment.

Our results lead to a cleaner, healthier home, and the job is carried out more quickly. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply. You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs,’ and the BBB reviews for more information.

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