Gilbert Tile Floor Removal. Can I Pull Up a Tile Floor?

Gilbert Tile Floor Removal. Can I Pull Up a Tile Floor?

Floor tile removal in Gilbert. Is it Possible to Remove a Tile Floor? Before installing new tile or tile flooring, you may need to remove old or damaged tile and mortar. It is unnecessary to have prior expertise removing tile from a bathroom or any other location.

To finish this project, you’ll need a few tools and some time. Keep in mind that certain subfloor upgrades may be required.

However, letting your Gilbert tile floor removal contractors professionally remove ceramic tiles is a difficult, dangerous, and healthful way.

Here’s how to do it the hard way, and by the end, you’ll realize why hiring a local tile removal firm is far better and safer.


Gilbert Tile Floor Removal Is Hard When DIY

1# Collect tools and supplies

You’ll need the correct tools to safely remove tile from walls or floors. For simpler jobs, a chisel and a ball-peen hammer will do.

For larger operations, such as removing backsplash tile, consider employing power equipment. Also required are a pry bar, a floor scraper, a trash bucket, and trash bags.


2# Remove Grout

A tile floor, fireplace tile, or wall tile can be removed in a few different ways. Tap the pieces free with a ball-peen or masonry hammer and a cold chisel.

When removing ceramic tile, always wear safety eyewear. In other circumstances, using heavy equipment like a jackhammer or an air chisel is the only method to remove the ceramic tile.


3# Get rid of the tile

Separate the tile from the mortar underneath after the grout has been removed. Scrape away tile shards and any old adhesive residue with a long-handled floor scraper.

After all the tiles have been removed, you may need to use a sander to smooth the subfloor.


4# Remove Mortar

Tap away at the mortar with a hammer and a bricklayer’s chisel. As you go, clean up any loosened tie. If there is an adequate area for an additional layer of thinset, leave the securely connected mortar in place.


5# Make the Subfloor Ready

Examine your subfloor for signs of damage, such as uneven or sunken areas, squeaks, and visible water damage.

Using a circular saw with a carbide blade, cut the old subfloor into small chunks. Consider hiring a professional floor installer to complete this task.


Gilbert Tile Floor Removal. Can I Pull Up a Tile Floor?

Find Tile Floor Removal with Gilbert Dust Free Tile Removal

Tiles are a long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-clean floor or wall covering. Because it is firmly planted on the subfloor and the dust is poisonous, removing older tile can be difficult.

Consider hiring specialists who use dust-free jackhammers and chisels to remove a tile floor. The better your floor or wall preparation, the better the results will be.

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