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Removing tiles is no simple task. Not only is it labor intensive, but it also causes severe clouds of dust that can be harmful. Kodiak receives calls weekly from folks who began removing tiles themselves and then stopped calling us.

Here are the primary reasons:

  • Families cough and cannot tolerate the dust in their house anymore.
  • They can’t remove the floor as easily as they thought and give up on the task.
  • Homeowners remove the tiles, but they couldn’t get the thinset up.
  • The thin-set is harder than tiles, and most homeowners are unaware of this when they begin.

It is recommended to keep your family safe and let our tile removal specialists in Gilbert, AZ, take care of any tile and other floorings you need removing.


Floor Removal Companies Deal with Wood Floors

Tearing up engineered wood floors bonded directly to concrete can be extremely unpleasant and labor-intensive.  The adhesive appears to be impossible to remove. 

For this reason, glued wood can often be more expensive than tiles to remove.

Should the floor be a DIY job, it may be straightforward because not enough adhesive may be used.

You can expect to pull up around 10 square feet per hour.  If a pro floor installer laid the engineered wood flooring, you could look at taking twice as long.

Kodiak can carry out most tasks in each room in a day. Add to this, your home will be clean with the dustless tile removal machines ideal for wood removal. 

You’ll find your floors are smooth as ready for your new flooring.


Removing Concrete Stain and Other Coatings in Chandler

Anyone who’s ever previously removed sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces using chemical strippers will know how uncomfortable it can make a home, not to mention the health risks.

The process is one of the worst jobs a professional tile removal team can undertake.

You will find two means to do this:

  • Chemical uses chemical strippers to remove coatings
  • Mechanical requires our industrial grinders or sanding machines and all our dust-free tile removal equipment and techniques.

Both methods work, and while the mechanical method creates lots of noise and dust (which we can control), it is the preferable method for treating floors. Chemical strippers are unhealthy and very unpleasant.

Using our dustless equipment, we deal with the floors and keep you and your family safe. Although noisy, you will end up with a smooth concrete slab ready for a new installation.



Chandler Floor Removal Specialists are Dust Free Kings

Dust-free floor removal is our expertise, and we care for your home and family in the best way. You need flooring removal companies who have knowledge and experience to remove any floors safely.

We can use traditional methods, yet have adopted the fresh approach to make sure we rid your home of dust before it happens.

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