Fast Floor Removal Means Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal


You have plenty of options when it comes to flooring removal. Your number one choice, however, must be efficient, reliable and quick.

To get the job done right, the dust-free tile removal process depends on specialized equipment and experienced contractors. It only makes sense to choose the best service available if you are renovating your house.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal


Minimal Dust with Mesa Dust Free Tile Removal

A lot of money and countless hours have been invested in advanced flooring removal equipment by today’s quick floor removal companies, such as Kodiak Tile & Stone. This machinery is designed to extract dust from the equation.

Only one square foot of tile flooring could create an entire pound of dust before such equipment was available. Then all this dust settles down on your furniture, walls, and in the air. It’s more than just a hassle; your respiratory health can be compromised by dust.


Speed is Key with Dustless Tile Removal

A fast flooring removal process must be quick and effective right there in the title. It all depends on the machinery and the preparation of the technicians. An experienced dust-free tile removal team can pull up your old tile in a single afternoon with the right machines.

Then, to upgrade your house, you are ready to install your new flooring - hardwood, laminate, or even new tile. The work would take up to a week to complete if you were to hire an inexperienced contractor. That’s a whole week in your house without a full bed.



Kodiak Skilled Experts in Mesa Tile Removal Without Dust

To tackle the toughest removal jobs in the city, we always use professional experts. Such professionals have years of experience and on-the-job preparation to give you unparalleled consistency and dedication. Before you know it, the old flooring would be a thing of the past!

Your leading tile removal company is Kodiak Tile & Stone. We specialize in excellence, and we ensure that quality work is delivered. At any job, we give outstanding customer service from the beginning.

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