Do You Have Issues with Stone Flooring in Queen Creek?

Amongst the most beautiful floorings, you can have in your home are natural stone floor tiles.

They look fantastic and offer many benefits, besides being easy to maintain. Stone is durable and, in most cases, stain-resistant, thus presenting your home with a unique look that is highly versatile. 

However, no flooring is perfect, and you could need the help of Queen Creek slate tile floor removal from Kodiak Tile & Stone if you need to remove these dusty and heavy floors.


Downsides of Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Stone flooring can make your home a significant asset. These can help boost the house’s value and make your house feel and look simply gorgeous. However, there are some potential downsides that maybe we should mention about natural stone floor tiles.

You may see some of these issues arise if you currently possess stone flooring. Here you can see some drawbacks. 


  • Staining: Many natural stone floor tiles may be stain-resistant, yet any floors that are not treated could stain in some circumstances. If your floors contain marble, limestone or travertine, something as innocent as lemon juice or vinegar can leave stains.
  • Dangerous: Some stone floorings can be slippery when wet, though it will depend on whether you are barefoot or your footwear soles.
  • Discoloration: Some natural stone can discolor with age (oxidization); add in some dirt, and they can look very grubby once you walk on them.
  • Cracks: Stone floors are heavy, and depending on the floor underneath, they can settle and crack. Should this happen, you’ll need the help of your local Queen Creek slate tile floor removal company.
  • No Shine: Many stone floors that started with a shine can lose this as they wear.


Common Stone Floor Issues

Many natural stones can be susceptible to chipping on the edges or corners; if something heavy hits them, they can be prone to a crack forming in weak areas.

Based on crack or splinter size, it may not be too much to worry about. However, should these cracks come from an unstable floor, they can become a hazard to family members.

Fixing floors at this stage is nearly impossible, and the best recourse is to pull up your floors and go for something different.



Finding Help for Natural Stone Floor Removal in Queen Creek

If you have natural stone floor tiles that have seen better days, removing these without help can be a challenge.

You may have even seen damage you tried to repair and made things worse. It is best to call in the professionals and find the best ways to remove the old flooring.

Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal experts, and you can find out how to do all this, dust-free and quickly. You can contact the office directly or use the compact form below.

You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs’, and the BBB reviews for more information.

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