Chandler Flooring Removal. Pick Right Tile For Your Floor

Chandler Flooring Removal. Pick Right Tile For Your Floor

Tile flooring is popular because it is durable and comes in various forms, colors, and sizes. However, choosing from so many tile possibilities might be overwhelming. In addition, finding the right tile for your home can be difficult with so many sizes available.

However, using Kodiak for Chandler flooring removal, you have experts who know how to pick and install many types of tiled floors.


Tiles Of Distinct Size

No tile style is better than another, but we can help you choose the correct tile size for your space. We categorize tile sizes into large and small.


Large Tiles

Large floor tiles are 8 “x8” or larger. These tiles make a significant impression in your home and offer additional benefits such as:

Expand a Room: Large tiles make a small room feel larger. Because your floor has fewer grout lines, it visually expands the room without tearing down walls. This is great for small bathrooms, powder rooms, foyers, and other locations.

Fewer grout lines mean less time scrubbing your floors. However, keeping the tile clean takes more effort than other floor types. Also, large tiles mean more tile surfaces to clean than grout lines.

Large tiles are popular in modern homes because of their clean lines and simplicity. Choosing large dark tiles offers your space a sleek finish and a minimalist appeal.


Small Tiles

Many rooms in your home, tiny ones, can benefit from using small tiles. Like large tiles, these tiles can add value to your floors.

The most common mosaic tile size is the small tile. Mosaic tiles are perfect for smaller spaces of your home like a half-bath because they create a continuous floor. In addition, a mosaic design provides a stunning and hypnotic element to space, increasing the value of your home.

Small tiles also evoke a warm and inviting room. For example, a small bathroom or a breakfast nook may feel a home feel more inviting. Smaller tiles create a more intimate atmosphere.

Installing a small tile in a problematic section of your home is also easier. You won’t have to cut or trim your tiles as regularly. Large tiles will necessitate fitting. Small tiles are easier to install and provide a smoother finish.


Chandler Flooring Removal Can Help Pick Tiles For Your Space

Making a final selection on tile size is simple for the dimensions, type of tile, and style, not so much so.

  • Measure the area(s) to be tiled. This includes difficulties in your home. Like toilets and baths, kitchens have various appliances.
  • Decide on color, shape, and texture. Tiles come in a variety of styles. Before deciding on a size, consider your new space’s overall look and feel. For example, large gray tiles work well in a minimalist modern master bathroom. Small clean white tiles suit a narrow bathroom.
  • Select tile size. The tile size for your new flooring can be determined by the size of your space and your needs.


Chandler Flooring Removal. Pick Right Tile For Your Floor

Where To Get Help With Chandler Floor Removal Ready For New Flooring  

You must first remove your old flooring before installing new flooring. Count on Kodiak Tile and Stone to remove your old tile, carpet, or hardwood floors. Then, we prepare the subfloor for the new tile floor installation.

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