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Flooring removal can be an arduous process that raises the risk of disturbing dangerous materials and thereby contaminating the whole site. Floor tile, sheet vinyl, and mastic installed in houses and businesses before 1978 may contain asbestos.

The material your floor is constructed of will decide how long it will last, excluding stains and damage. Any material will have a different useful lifespan. The durability of a floor depends on a number of factors, mainly because of the quality of the material used.

Considerations include material quality, whether the floor was properly placed, the amount of foot traffic, and the frequency of floor maintenance. They can all have an effect.

Read on to find out how long certain types of flooring are expected to survive and when you should call Kodiak, the best floor removal service in Chandler.


Flooring Durability and Life Expectancy

The typical lifespan of various flooring materials is outlined below, along with the approximate time at which tile removal services will need to be contacted.


Laminate Flooring and Adhesive

Laminate flooring can give the impression of real wood flooring without the high price tag. Laminate flooring has a lifespan of 15–25 years, depending on the room size.

While these floors are less expensive than real hardwood, they will need to be replaced more often and, with dust, may necessitate the services of a Chandler dust-free tile removal firm.


Tile and Thinset

Floor tiles, if maintained properly, can last for over 50 years. Tile that has been glazed will endure far longer than unglazed tile, especially in damp environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

The upkeep of tile surfaces can be higher because of the expense of replacing tiles that break. All it takes is one broken tile to ruin the look of the floor. Tiles are often chipped or broken during installation, so it's best to buy at least 10% more than you'll need.


Hardwood and Dust

Although hardwood floors are built to last a lifetime, the polished shine of genuine wood flooring will eventually dull. Hardwood flooring, if properly built, have a lifespan of up to a century, but fade after around 25.

Hardwood flooring decay more rapidly in damp environments than in dry ones. Hardwood floorboards should not move or shift, otherwise they need to be replaced. As a result of the poor installation, you will need the services of a professional floor removal firm to tear them out and begin again.


Chandler Dustless Floor Removal Company

Find Reliable Chandler Dustless Floor Removal Company

While tile flooring may last longer, the amount of dust it generates becomes apparent as you try to remove it. In addition, Kodiak is required for the cleanup of this hazardous dust.

Only experts who have been trained and certified to remove and dispose of this sort of flooring should attempt to do so.

We carefully peel down the floor's top layer, along with any traces of thinset or adhesive. We will make sure that your new flooring goes down without a hitch.

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