Chandler Floor Removal. Dust Free Tile Removal Stops Mess

Kodiak is the number one Chandler floor removal company to use dust-free methods.  For flooring, there are many various designs and sizes to pick from. This, however, can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. Of course, you are free to select the option that best suits your vision.

On the other side, picking what to install can be challenging. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with so many flooring alternatives. Because it is easy to install and comes in various patterns, laminate flooring is popular among homeowners.

The dilemma is whether you want to remove laminate flooring or another floor to install this. In both cases, you may require the services of a Chandler dust-free floor removal firm.


Is Laminate Floor Glued Down?

Laminate flooring should not be glued down. It is self-supporting and has no connection to the subfloor because it is a floating floor.

However, glue laminate planks together in regions vulnerable to water damage is rather usual.

As a result, the surface in these areas would be more water-resistant. The glue can serve as a shield, keeping moisture out of the laminate’s core. It's challenging to remove yourself from an old floor if this is the case.

Call an expert dust-free tile removal company such as Kodiak Tile & Stone, who can use the best equipment to remove any engineered wood flooring.


Is It Hard to Remove Laminate Floor?

When you cut the laminate floor, the dust can irritate your throat and eyes. The tiny particles can be harmful to one’s health. As a result, it is recommended that you use a local dust-free tile removal business to remove your floors without introducing these irritants into your home.

If you’re determined to do it yourself, keep these tips in mind. With the end of a robust knife or pry bar, pry up on the laminate. In the crack, squirt some nail polish remover. Before pushing up on the laminate, give the polish remover 30 seconds to release the adhesive.


Where to Find Glued Floor Removal Expert?

When you realize how difficult it may be to remove a laminate floor or engineered wood on your own, you’ll soon realize that hiring a specialist who can do it faster and safer is much easier.

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