Can Gilbert Tile Floor Removal Help with Lifting Tiles?

Can you see a crack in your tile and grout, or have you ever heard a cracking sound as you step on your tiles?

It isn’t a rare occurrence and is more common than you think, as many homeowners have had similar experiences.

The issues here are there are no specific reasons for when it happens; however, once it happens, it won’t stop, and you’ll need to contact your local Gilbert tile floor removal company to help out.


What Causes Lifting Tiles?

You can find a number of reasons that lead to tiles lifting, tenting or cracking.

Sometimes, if there is too much moisture, it can cause your tiles to lift.

Often, the moisture rises through the concrete and as a result, it causes the tiles to lose their bond and lift. Such leaks can come from foundation issues or plumbing issue.

Excess water pushes tile up, and they take on a tented appearance.

If the flooring underneath your tiles isn’t installed correctly, tiles eventually lift. It might be a few years after being installed, and if you have purchased a home and this happens, you will need a tile removal company to help out.

Lifting floor tiles may be from a moving surface below your tiles. The surface can expand because of the weather, and which loosens the tiles. Also, your concrete may crack and make your tiles lift.

If the weather is cold and the floor contracts, it can be as you put on the heating; it creates pressure and possible lifting tiles.



How Do I Deal with Lifting Tiles?

You may find some DIY methods to deal with your lifted tiles. However, your floor can still do this again in other areas.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to repair a tile floor. The best solution can be to contact your local Gilbert tile removal company and get them to remove all your tiles dust-free. The thing with this method is you can find why your tiles were lifting in the first place.

Dust-free removal of tiles or flooring has many benefits, and one of them does not want to inhale the tile dust. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs’, and the BBB reviews for more information.



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