Avoid Toxic Thinset Dust With Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

Finding Professional Thinset Removal Pros in Gilbert

The crystalline silica compound is a mineral abundant in the earth’s crust. It’s a crucial ingredient in many building materials, including concrete, sand, stone, and grout. It occurs most frequently in quartz.

You may have seen this most prominently in the little bags marked “Silica” that are sometimes included in bottles and another packaging to prevent the contents from becoming wet. The warning not to consume it could also be visible. Traditional tile and thinset removal generate crystalline silica dust, which can harm your health.

Professionals agree that crystalline silica is a human lung carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. Because of this, Gilbert’s dustless tile removal company is essential if you plan to remove tiles from your property.


Careful Thinset Removal with Gilbert Pros

Removing thinset mortar is always the most challenging element of replacing tiles for one of two reasons. First, it has become embedded in the ground and is covered with toxic dust.

Thinset can be striped in two different ways before tiling. Both scraping and grounding are viable options. However, only a few people have what it takes to scrape away thinset physically; therefore, this method typically necessitates using a powered tool.


Gilbert Pros Scrape Thinset from Floors

Chipping away at thinset may be simplest when using a Jack Hammer with long blades and a chisel.

However, a diamond grinder is preferable if the thinset is stuck too firmly to the concrete. Silica dust is released into the atmosphere here.

The floor can be wet to reduce dust, but the water needs to be damp for a whole day before you can try it out and clean it up. The expertise of dust-free removal professionals more than makes up for the time it takes to finish the water.

This can be done with a specialized wet grinder, but your subfloor may not be able to handle staying wet for long. In addition, the time required to remove the old tile and install the new one increases by several days.

The other way to treat thinned dust is to work with a vacuum. There are vacuum attachments for both electrical sanding hammers and grinders. Still, Kodiak Tile and Stone, a Gilbert dust-free removal company have machines to make your job dust-free.


Finding Professional Thinset Removal Pros in Gilbert

Finding Professional Thinset Removal Pros in Gilbert

When you’re done scraping the thinset, you’ll have some debris to clean up with a brush. Also, using a chipping hammer is more physically demanding than a grinder because you have to grip the tool and provide steady pressure to the work area.

A dust-free removal machine grinder to remove thinset will allow you to work and clean simultaneously, saving you time and energy.

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