Are There Dustless Floor Scams? Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Reliable Dustless Floor Removal Services

Conduct thorough research before choosing a dustless floor removal provider. Unfortunately, Kodiak Tile and Stone see many tile removal companies making false claims about being dust-free.

Use this info from the number one Mesa dustless tile removal company to ensure you pick the right dustless floor removal company.



What Vacuums and Filters Are Used?

Some businesses that market themselves as dust-free attach a HEPA filter to a shop vacuum like those found in home improvement centers.

These vacuums are powerful, but not for the job at hand. To keep your home clean, ensure the firm you select has an industrial vacuum with multiple HEPA filters on each machine. Kodiak use the best vacuums and keep all collected dust on the vehicle.


How Do Tile Removal Tools Work?

You ensure the provider uses its instruments properly when removing your floor. Their industrial HEPA vacuum, NOT a shop vac, should be attached to all their removal gear. The dust from your floor will be caught at its source when the tools are correctly attached, preventing it from ever getting airborne.


How is Silica Dust Being Removed?

HANG UP if a business claims to use fans or air scrubbers to direct the dust out a window or door. This approach is not dust-free. Fans and air scrubbers are effective for removal that is NOT dust-free alone. An entirely dust-free business ensures that an industrial HEPA vacuum captures dust at the point of origin.


What To Do With Removed Flooring?

The floor should be raised and then put into a containment container that is joined to an industrial HEPA vacuum. If a firm claims they won’t use a dust collector and will only use a shovel or throw the dust and debris into a bin or garbage can, HANG UP. Your home will be filled with dust as it rises from the trash can or bin.


Hand Tools Or Riding Floor Stripper

To remove tile, some floor removal businesses employ riding floor strippers. Despite being fantastic to operate, these devices are not designed to remove tiles without creating dust. When removing tile, they can quickly remove a large amount of square footage but create a significant mess. When we remove non-dust-free tiles, we use this machine.


Removing Thinset and Floor Adhesive

If not done correctly, this could become the dustiest aspect of the removal. Most of the time, thinset or glue should be removed with a grinder. The industrial HEPA vacuum should be connected to the grinder as well. If the thinset or adhesive is too thick, it may occasionally need to be first broken down.

A razor can scrape and then grind adhesive. However, a chipper or breaker with a heavy-duty blade will be required for a thick thinset. However, if a firm doesn’t have the proper vacuum or attachment, it will bring dangerous dust into your house. Your slab ought to be smooth after being removed and ground.


Reliable Dustless Floor Removal Services

Get Help With Reliable Dustless Floor Removal Services

Some businesses specialize in eliminating dust that takes pride in their work and keeps your home dust-free while working on it. However, be wary of those who claim to be dust-free. They are not dustless because they employ a powerful shop vac with a HEPA filter.

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