Are Floor Removal Machines Good? Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Whenever you hire a specialist or do it yourself, stripping and replacing a floor of any size may be a nasty and time-consuming task. For those removing flooring in a commercial or industrial structure, the idea of having to shut down your business operations, even for a weekend, may not be an option.

Renting a floor stripping machine can help you complete even the most demanding projects on time and on budget. Here you can learn more about how these tools can help remove a floor much more straightforward, although you are recommended to use Mesa Dustless tile removal.


Flooring Removal with Wheeled Machines

Some equipment has an all-day battery to ride on top as you remove your tile floors or wooden floorings.

You will sit comfortably and control the machine’s speed and direction. Because it releases no toxic gases, this battery-operated machine is ideal for use in facilities such as hospitals and schools or large homes and offices.

The machine is quiet and can be used while other occupants are inside the building. The ride-on floor stripping machine is used for business use, yet they are an excellent alternative for household projects.

It makes stripping floors faster and cleaner as these often have dust reduction systems built-in.

Unlike many floor removal companies in mesa, Kodiak Tile and Stone use them and have operators who can use them to the best effect. It also cuts down on cost when you miss rental fees.

Tile Removal Equipment That Isn’t Dusty

For smaller or more specialized applications, dustless tile removal tools such as demolition hammers and angle grinders may easily remove tile and thinset.

Each of these hammers and grinders has its vacuum system, ensuring that any dust formed during the tile removal process is vacuumed out of the air before being circulated throughout the room.

For people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory concerns, dustless tile hammers and grinders can be a lifesaver, allowing you to finish a project without having to take extra precautions.

Many dustless demolition hammers and grinders available for hire from companies like Kodiak Installations are designed to be low vibration, giving you more control while decreasing fatigue from tearing up tile flooring.

Kodiak Flooring is a full-service flooring company that specializes in floor removal, leveling, and installation. Our dust-free tile removal procedure will keep your home or office as clean as possible. Contact us if you need assistance with your next project and want to keep hazards and aggravation to a minimum.

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