A Kodiak Guide to Pick the Right Tiles for Your Mesa Home

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At Kodiak Tile and Stone in Mesa, AZ, we know that choosing suitable tiles for your home can be daunting. With so many options available in the market, it's challenging to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you decide on the best tiles for your home.


Difference Between Glazed and Unglazed Tiles

Before we dive into the benefits and advantages of each type of tile, it’s essential to understand the difference between glazed and unglazed tiles. Glazed tiles are tiles that have a smooth, glass-like finish on top. This finish is created by applying a glaze to the tile before it is baked in a kiln.

The glaze not only adds a shiny, reflective surface but also protects the tile from moisture and staining. Unglazed tiles have a rough, porous surface. Unlike glazed tiles, unglazed tiles are not treated with a glaze and therefore more susceptible to moisture staining and damage.


The Benefits of Choosing Glazed Tiles

There are several benefits of choosing glazed tiles for your home. One of the biggest advantages of glazed tiles is their durability and resistance to moisture. This makes them a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen flooring and shower walls and backsplashes.

Another benefit of glazed tiles is their versatility. With so many colors, patterns, and textures, you can easily find glazed tiles that complement your home’s decor. This versatility makes it easy to create a cohesive look throughout your home by using glazed tiles in multiple rooms.


The Advantages of Unglazed Tiles

While glazed tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners, unglazed tiles also have their own set of advantages. One of the most significant benefits of unglazed tiles is their natural, rustic appearance. This makes them a popular choice for those looking for a more traditional or earthy look in their home.

Another advantage of unglazed tiles is their slip-resistant surface. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor areas and areas that may get wet, such as pool decks and patios.

Finally, unglazed tiles are also more eco-friendly than glazed tiles. Because they don’t require a glaze, they are made using fewer resources and are a more sustainable option.


Maintenance and Care of Glazed and Unglazed Tiles

Glazed and unglazed tiles are popular for flooring and wall covering, but proper maintenance is crucial to keep them looking their best. Proper care will also help to extend their life, making your investment well worth it. Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your glazed and unglazed tiles:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining the appearance of your tiles.

Avoid Stains

  • Glazed tiles are stain-resistant but not stain-proof.
  • Unglazed tiles are more porous, making them more susceptible to staining.

Proper Sealing

Sealing the tiles is essential for maintaining their appearance and preventing staining.

Avoid Scratches

Tiles can scratch, especially unglazed tiles.

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your tiles for any signs of damage or wear. If a tile is damaged, it is best to replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the surrounding tiles.


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In conclusion, maintaining and caring for your glazed and unglazed tiles is essential for keeping them looking their best and extending their life.

Regular cleaning, prompt stain removal, proper sealing, avoiding scratches, and regular inspections will keep your tiles in top condition.

Trust the experts at Kodiak Tile and Stone in Mesa, AZ, for all your tile installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone or fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

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